You can’t see the doubles: Luke Greenwood wins in Triton

You can't see the doubles: Luke Greenwood wins in...

The Triton Super High Roller Series in London started with a particularly bloody tale. Luc Greenwood, the festival’s first seed, won $897,000 in the $25,000 GG Million$ Live event, which kicked off the two-week festival at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House.

Poker fans around the world have become accustomed to seeing the Greenwood surname engraved on large trophies, but Sam’s prefix is ​​increasingly common. Tonight, however, Luc added his name to the list of Triton champions, matching Sam’s achievement as the first pair of brothers to win the series.

Not only that: Sam and Luc, 34, are identical twins, and their side-by-side photo with the trophy would confuse many observers.

It’s an exciting time for Luc as he describes the difficult years since his last Triton series appearance in London in 2019. Greenwood’s father passed away in 2020 and Luke pays tribute to those who kept him going.

Champion, Luc Greenwood.

“Da’ there are things bigger than poker, and of course I miss my dad a lot,” Greenwood said. “I have a lot of friends and family rooting for me. My mother and brother returned to their hometown. And my other brother Sam and my girlfriend. I have lived a very happy life and that blessing continues in London,” he assured /p>Greenwood’s Triumph

Luc defeated a record 162 entrants (55 re-entries) in the $4,050,000 tournament and defeated Manuel Zapf. The German earned his place in the event as part of a $100,000 package offered by ACR Poker to online streamers.

After Mark Rubbathan played in a similar tournament to the ACR in Vietnam, Zapf is in excellent form to follow suit. In fact, he held the lead for most of the second and final day, but lost the Titanic heads-up match to Greenwood.

The final hand saw both Greenwood and Zapf lose. 6 4 9 Top pair at the table. Greenwood has 9 5 and his kicker is up against Zapf’s kicker (9 3). You bet (2) on both the flop and turn. The 9 on the river sealed the win for the Americans.

Zapf remains the biggest winning of his life at $605,500, as is Greenwood.

They also beat two Latino players at the table. The final table saw Pablo Brito (7th with $151,000) and Bruno Volkmann (Bubble, FT) in seventh with $77,000. Others failed to win the prize, such as Nacho Barbero and Diego Sanchez.

You can relive Day 2 of the competition through this link.


1° Luc Greenwood – $897,0002. Manuel Zapf – $605,5003. Oliver Bissell – $416,7004° Kiat Lee, Malaysia – $339,8005° Henrik Hecklen – $271,0006° Alex Bonakoffs – $208,2007° Pablo Brito – $151,5008° Juan Pardo – $109,8009° Sam Grafton – $91,000

You can't see the doubles: Luke Greenwood wins in...

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