WSOP 2023 Day 35: Jamie Gold gets Main Event deal that will take away his record

WSOP 2023 Day 35: Jamie Gold gets Main Event deal...

Champagne is popped in Las Vegas and the pop of the cork marks the start of the World Series of Poker main event – the poker party!

The 2006 edition champion Jamie Gold gave the order to shuffle and deal the cards, and the symbolism of the choice was obvious. Gold’s $12,000,000 main event holds the record with 8,773 entrants.

The organization has made a notable effort to update this part of the WSOP history for at least two other editions. In 2019, the 50th anniversary, they missed 200 registered players, and last year, when registration opened on the second day, it was even worse, missing only 110 players.

That will not happen this year. The WSOP and its partners such as GGPoker have been preparing promotions for several months to encourage participation through satellites and other qualifiers. A release that will set new benchmarks in 90% of the digital realm, the simple inertia of which must be enough to bury the memory of 2006.

First, according to official monitoring estimates, Day 1A registrations surpassed 1,000 for the first time in the entire tournament history, and that’s a big jump — 1,080 registrations.

Spanish players are also extremely active. Winamax Tracking reported 16 familiar faces, of which Sergi Reixach seemed particularly smiling at the end of the day.

The Catalan, who has battled inner weakness for years, is split into two groups at the WSOP. The first high roller event left him feeling a bit tired and restless, and a cold also hampered his eventual return.

In the end, he returned to the millionaire maker on time and chose Day 1A to play the main force. If he gets knocked out in the first hand, it will either speed up his return to Mexico or extend his winning streak after finishing third in the Aria’s last $10,000 tournament. Let’s assume it’s the latter, and his current form helps him end the day with two starting chips. I RIXach (@srxakgirona) July 3, 2023

The best Spaniard was José Jaraiz who managed to outrun a teammate who matched the pace of RED -RETH -GALINIS -GALINIS -GALINIS -WORTH -WORTLISGE -WORTH -WORTLIS -TACEL in the final sprint. +1 of 16 Spaniards available. We still don’t know if we paid a fair price, as there are no official attendance figures, but knowing that 712 players entered the seat draw, we seem to have started this Main Event with less variance.

  1. Yehuda Dayan 389,900
  2. Shota Nakanishi 360,100
  3. Haizhi Ho 297,400
  4. Doug Polk 281,900
  5. Neville Endo Costa 275,000

Samuel Bernabeu’s dreams were dashed en route with a bad cold. In the final hand, he went to the river with 22 and a straight, passing KK. Also at the last hurdle, Tom Bedell leaves us, starting his decline from KK against AA. In the middle of the two fights, Juanki Vecino put up a wonderful bad beat down the aisle to comment on, beating KK vs JJ in a 5-bet pot that had been doubled up by his opponent in the early levels. Flop J44, opponent check-called until Juanki shoved all-in on the turn.

Even before one unlucky player seemed able to drop the first 300 blinds in the two-hour main level, Abraham Serrano ended his COLOSSUS adventure in a hard-fought 33rd place ($15,240).

The MINI Main Event title was even closer, with Javier Tsunamy finishing in 21st place ($21,602). Cash prizes also went to Jose Luis Puente (No. 54, $9,877) and Manu Saavedra (No. 303, $2,994), who rushed to sign up for the Main Event.


Event #70 $400 COLOSSUS

Moshe Refaelowitz $501,120 (15,894 players)

The name of the Miami player seeking to be considered a representative of Israel was chosen from nearly 16,000 participants in the COLOSSUS draw. He had the courage to promise his wife that he would go to Las Vegas to win the bracelet. Who knows how many opponents he has left at home as crooks.

Event #73 $2,500 Mixed Big Stakes

Julio Belluscio $367,599 (377 players)

The Argentine won a Latin American heads-up, his second win at the WSOP after winning the Hispanic Double in the $25,000 PLO event. Belluscio defeated Costa Rica’s Federico Quevedo in an odd format that involved seven different no-limit or pot-limit games, including Omaha, Texas Hold’em and draw.

What’s happening starting today, July 2nd?

  • Event ##76: 10,000 Main Event NLHE World Championship Day 1B

WSOP 2023 Day 35: Jamie Gold gets Main Event deal...

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