“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

In yesterday’s 1M Supremo, a total of 2,196 players paid a buy-in of R$390. “TenhoMuito$” delivers a winner’s cry after a marathon on the world’s largest felt. He won R$ 86,766 from a prize pool of R$ 1,039,311.

Meanwhile, “neymarmito” won the Omax SHR for R$ 2,000. After sending 49 players home, he topped up his balance with R$44,955.

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Supreminho 55 R$ (2,175 entrants)

Winner: “Stricnina ” R$ 17,432

R$ 800 Omax HR (80 entries)

Winner: “Cap. Presença” R 16,878 $

R$ 150 Battle HR (786 entries)

Winner: “Nibiru” R$ 12,601

“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

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  • This text seems to be reporting on the results of various poker tournaments, mentioning the winners and the prize money they earned. It provides the number of players who participated, buy-in amounts, and the total prize pool. It also includes the amounts won by the winners and the ranking of players.

  • The text highlights the success of TenhoMuito$ and neymarmito in recent poker tournaments, with TenhoMuito$ winning R$86,766 in the 1M Supremo and neymarmito winning R$44,955 in the Omax SHR. The results show the competitiveness and skill of the players in these tournaments.

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