Rodrigo Selouan completes FT again at London Triton Series for $360,000

Rodrigo Selouan completes FT again at London Trito...

It was a great decision for Rodrigo Selouan to go straight to the London Triton series on Sunday. In the wee hours of the morning, he walked out of Event 12 with another six-figure cash: the US$60,000 NL Hold’em Turbo. The Curitiba player won for $360,000 in four hands.

Selouan confirmed the presence of his second FT on stage with 26 BBS (the third-largest chip stack). At the helm was Phil Ivey, the Hall of Famer who lifted the championship trophy.

Ahead of his fourth Triton title, Ivey endured a decision fraught with twists and turns. In 4-a-side matches, the average champion score has dropped to 15 BBS. With the game so unpredictable, Selouan three-bet all-in and was called by Ivey with J-J. The Brazilian was dominated by A♣4♣ and saw his chips disappear.

Shortly thereafter, Ivey enlisted the deck’s help to eliminate Nick Petrangelo. He held A♠8♣ against A♣Q♣ and found one of his outs on the flop.

Encouraged, Ivey started the duel with 47 BBS to Katz’s 14. As the distance between him and his opponent grew, the businessman couldn’t resist the first pre-flop all-in. With Q 7♥ against A ♥ K ♣, Ivey sees two queens on the board.

Triton handed out a total of 61 entries for Race 12, 47 of which were unique, for a total prize pool of $3,660,000. See how much each finalist took home:

1. Phil Ivey (USA) $1,007,000

2. Cary Katz (USA) $715,500

3. Nick Petrangelo (USA) $468,900

4. Rodrigo Selouan (Brazil) $360,000

5. Aleks Ponakovs (Latvia) $285,500

6. Ding Biao (China) $223,200

7. Tan Xuan (Malaysia) $175,700

8. Wai Kin Yong (Malaysia) $137,200

9. Sam Greenwood (Canada) $104,000

Rodrigo Selouan completes FT again at London Trito...

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