Polk vs. Negreanu: Fight of the Century rematch set

Polk vs. Negreanu: Fight of the Century rematch se...

The long-awaited rematch between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, dubbed by many pundits as the “fight of the century”, has been set Date They will meet again in August, this time on High Stakes Duel 4, as the Canadian looks to defeat the arch-nemesis who defeated him in 2021. This time, the legendary players will enter the second round, where they will bet $100,000 each.

An exciting match between Negreanu and Polk is scheduled for August at the famous PokerGO Studio. Las Vegas. The showdown will be broadcast exclusively on PokerGO, giving viewers the chance to relive every moment of this epic showdown.

The updated High Stakes Duel 4 rules are game competitions: The player who wins two heads-up matches in a row will be crowned champion. Negreanu secured his spot in the second round after defeating Eric Persson. Now, if he beats Polk, he’ll be crowned High Stakes Duel 4 Champion.

Can Negreanu rule Polk?

On the other hand, if Polk wins Round 2, Negreanu has the right to request a rematch in Round 3, but this time with double the stakes. However, if Daniel decides to refuse a rematch, Doug will face a new challenger.

In 2021, the two will go head-to-head in a 25,000-capacity NLH game that will combine live and online formats. In the only live event, KidPoker took the upper hand, but over the next 36 rounds, the American managed to knock out Daniel, costing him -US$1,202,000

It’s no secret that these players despise each other when this challenge begins. They’ve been doing this for years and finally decided to settle the dispute with a straight poker match. After three months of fighting, it’s clear if they feel the same way, but at least they respect each other.

“A lot of the things that Negreanu did were really impressive,” he said in a post-conference interview with Polk on his YouTube channel. “I don’t think he’s going to play that well.”

The Canadian expressed his frustration at losing, noting that sometimes the help doesn’t work. Credit goes to the opponent. “First of all I want to congratulate Doug, he’s obviously a great player and a favorite,” Negrianu said. “It was a fun challenge. I felt like there was a back and forth. He should be happy, he’s a big duel winner and rightfully so.”

For those who are not yet PokerGO subscribers, there is an offer. New subscribers get $30 off their annual subscription when they enter the code “DREAMDUEL” when they sign up.

This release (likely the first hour of the showdown) will be available for free on PokerGO. Give fans a taste of the excitement to come.

Polk vs. Negreanu: Fight of the Century rematch se...


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