PokerOK’s New Micro Limit Series

MicroFestival - PokerOK's upcoming Micro Limit Ser...

The PokerOK tournament schedule is an ongoing The series of exciting series followed each other without giving players much time to rest. The space is currently hosting the World Music Festival – a record-breaking music festival with a $200 million guarantee. It offers tournaments for poker players of all bankrolls and has satellites to big events for very cheap.

The series will continue until June 6, but players are not expected to rest – poker room The MicroFestival begins June 4. No holidays are officially declared, nor is there a traditional separate tab in the client. For branded events, see Tournament – microFestival.

The festival runs until June 12, with dozens of low-cost events planned each day. Buy-ins start at $1.88, with the most expensive tournaments costing $25.

The microFestival schedule is standard for PokerOK: several multi-day events and hundreds of fun one-day tournaments. Among the many events we can highlight:

The show also includes traditional GGMasters specials. They take place on Sundays with a $25 buy-in and prizes ranging from $100,000 to $125,000. Players have two options: Classic and Knockout.

Another Sunday tournament is the Sunday Tournament, which is held periodically during low-budget series. It features a one-day format and a modest $15 buy-in. Guaranteed minimum $100,000. These NLH and Bounty Edition events will run June 4-11.

MicroFestival - PokerOK's upcoming Micro Limit Ser...

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