Online Gamers Support Biometric Verification

Online Gamers Support Biometric Verification

For some time now, technological advances have incorporated biometric authentication into many everyday interactions on smartphones and banking apps. Now maybe this practice applies to online games as well.

A recent survey in the Americas, Europe and Asia showed that the vast majority Gamers are welcome to implement this technology to attempt to malicious combat and issues related to gambling addiction.

The study was conducted by Jumio, a leader in automated end-to-end authentication and compliance solutions. A total of 8,055 adult consumers worldwide were surveyed. The results showed that 52% believe the use of biometrics is critical for online gaming authentication.

One of the main concerns of the study was the increasing risk of identity fraud which was created by generated artificial intelligence and new technologies such as so-called robots.

Online gaming and gambling industry is one of the spotlights. Research. 77% of global consumers say strong authentication helps prevent minors from using these services. To this end, users are encouraged to provide a valid ID photo and a selfie to prove their authenticity and meet the minimum age requirement.

The results also showed that users’ acceptance of this solution decreased as respondents got older. While 83% of adults ages 18-34 agree with the measure, only 61% of adults ages 55+ do. The need for a digital identity was also highlighted, and it was found that 68% were willing to use it to verify their real identity.

Latin In the United States, the online gaming industry, including poker, is experiencing significant growth with approximately 260 million players and is expected to Revenues to exceed $3.6 billion by 2023.

While the vast majority of spaces already require credential identification, it remains to be seen whether they will go further to protect users with biometrics.

Online Gamers Support Biometric Verification

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    The text describes how biometric authentication is being considered for online gaming to combat malicious activities and prevent gambling addiction. A survey conducted worldwide showed that a majority of gamers believe biometrics are crucial for authentication, particularly to prevent identity fraud. It also highlights the growth of the online gaming industry and the potential use of biometrics to protect users.

  • This text discusses the potential use of biometric authentication in online gaming to combat issues related to gambling addiction and identity fraud. A survey conducted by Jumio found that 52% of respondents believe biometrics are critical for online gaming authentication, but acceptance of this solution decreased with age.

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