Nacho Barbero in WSOP Mode: “I’ll Win More Than Two Bracelets.”

Nacho Barbero in WSOP Mode:

Poker has launched a new series, Hand for Hand, sharing live interviews with the world’s best representatives, which can be seen on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Of course, the first part cannot be done without the best in the world, Nacho Barbero who currently ranks first in the GPI rankings.

After playing the Triton series and winning the bracelet (which he presented in the interview, which is the cover of this article), the Argentine arrived in Vienna, where he lived from the Francisco Benitez in a rented apartment, where he was there a few hours later to speak with Sergio Stuart, a reporter from Poker.

In the video below you can see the full interview where Barbero talks about everything in a relaxed and gracious manner. Regarding his past at Magic, where he is now surrounded by sharks, he says he has “no fear” and that his ambition is to play the entire World Series and win not just one bracelet, but multiple, and even gave a proposal to play this mind sport. ICM controversy? He also touched on this. As well as his crossover with Daniel Negreanu, his relationship with Phil Hellmuth and more.

Here we leave you an excerpt of what he said: We invite you to watch the full interview, We are giving away five ACR tickets for $55 each, We’ll be running a sweepstakes on our Instagram where to follow, post and tag us a friend.

In the interview, Nacho talked about his victory in the Cyprus Triton series.

Back to the room’s professional team, Americas Cardroom “The truth is, it’s much better to have someone help you financially because it’s expensive. We travel from here to there a lot, From one tournament to the next, you spend a lot of money on hotels and buy-ins. That’s it. Win-win situation, we both win. It suits me and I’m happy.”

I left for about three years, just playing for the cash. I’m not in the competition, but on social networks. But I wanted to come back and they (ACR) gave me the machine they had behind me and it was a bomb. Now I’m going back to Costa Rica to play The Cage. I feel like I’m wasting my potential, I play super money in the US, but no one sees you there, mostly for you, no one knows. I’m interested in reaching people. “

Playing with the best player “The best player is (Stephen) Chidwick, I have a lot of respect for what he has done in the game. But I’m not afraid of any of them. It’s just the map, the situation, they’re all pretty much the same. Some are very good; some are less. There is everything and variety. Some people never send any messages, they play to the mm.

Nacho of Magic at 20 “I don’t have a penny and we sleep for 10 minutes” into a hotel room but we play cards at 20 Traveled the world and had a great time, it was great. I was the best in Argentina at Magic, and then poker came along.”

Poker or Magic” I’ve never stopped playing magic since I was 17. It’s the best game, better than poker, I’ll play Magic all day long, it’s addictive, it’s a drug, but there’s not that much money I love playing poker, it’s my hobby, I play all games. In Omaha, I play mixed games and on top of that, I’ll be playing in a 50,000-man tournament (WSOP). I’ve learned a lot this year and I’ve played well Expensive.

He is amused by the photo of the 21-year-old and the sweater.

His relationship with Hellmuth “I Always play with Hellmuth. He knocked me out in a tournament the other day. I get on well with him and he puts me in a good mood. I was really surprised when he tweeted out of the blue congratulating me last year when I won a gold bracelet without knowing me. “

“ICM is for the poor”Controversy” Patrick Leonard tweeted, At an eight-handed table, seven players will play for ICM and one will destroy them. That was a joke, poor thing, but a few people told me, Finally someone said it. I play to win at poker, not to win another $20,000 in the jackpot. Of course I won’t reveal them, but if I have to bet, I’m not going to consider the fact that I’m short, if I fold I still have a chance to win another $30,000. I want to win the trophy. Look at the difference in winning : I finished 11th in the Triton 100km, 200 Lucas and 2700 Palos for the first time. Where’s the money? In the first. Right now if you play online all day, you have to be very careful with ICM, you’re playing 12 tables…it’s going to get very expensive by the end of the year. But I , that’s why I win so many races: I’m either first or I’m not at all. Because I fight to win.

WSOP “I knew I was going to win a bracelet, I had no doubts. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since I started playing. Now I’m done. “Three days left, I’ll do a little bit of review, study and work. I’m traveling to Las Vegas on Sunday and I’m going to start the 25K six-max on Tuesday. I hope to get a good result because it’s an expensive game. Race, hopefully the series gets off to a good start. I’ll be in a million World Series games and I think I’ll win more than two bracelets. Main event? Yeah, that would be a dream. I want it to be a dream like this. Of course you can win, but it will be a record year with 10,000 players playing, and it’s very complicated. “

His talent “It’s not because I’m better now, but my level is much better than before, I’m more comfortable and that’s reflected in the results. I feel more mature, and I find that I play with the best players all day long, they are a machine, that’s how you improve. If you play one game with Messi, Paredes, Di Maria and McAllister, you play ten games well and the experience gives you a lot. “

Full interview with Nacho Barbero

Nacho Barbero in WSOP Mode:

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