Monday snacking at the .coms, Amadi invites

Monday snacking at .com, on Amadi's invitation

The MTT landscape is changing. Top buy-in tournaments have become social but lost their luster, and events like the Winamax series €2 GIANT had more than 130,000 entries on the closed market.

For example, the level of regulars used to be hit by Big $109, and to play a $500 or $1,000 tournament, you’d have to wait for a holiday or a very special occasion like Super Tuesday or Thrill Thursday. Professionals can now choose from a variety of tournaments ranging from $250 to $1,050 per day. They are no longer the exception but the norm, and their prices have met the same fate.

That’s why today, by old standards, there are serious doubts about the newsworthiness of a day, as we were able to record four important results, three victories in favor of the Reds . However, if Adrian Mateos hadn’t posted a big/small bounty in his tournament, no one would have reached the minimum bounty according to the unwritten rule of “five numbers on the front page”.

The classic opening of the conference story must lead us to GGPoker , where Presi qualified for the $11,665 USD Qualifier and became the winner of the $444 USD Bounty Forty HR .

These numbers reflect the participation of 168 players who quickly eliminated the threat of the stack and took home $69,518 in prize money. The Spaniard missed out on some of his usual opponents in the pricier tournaments, but the final had an elite poker vibe, with classics like Joseph Cheong finishing third and the Brazilian playing a typical heads-up.

Adrian’s minimum odds gave him the opportunity to comment on how Juan Carlos Vecino won $525 in HR After Hours , the usual finale of GGPoker’s High Roller event, which begins late morning in Spain.

At this point, 57 players are still active, and Juanki (No. 1 with a $7,117 contract) has mostly dealt with Asian and American players, although No. 5 ” Relojero “($2,600) is also a latecomer.

To find the third winner of the night, we went to PokerStars . We mentioned Big $109 earlier because we knew it would be in the chronicles due to PataNegraXD’s stellar performance in the tournament.

Guille follows in the footsteps of Amatos, Jonwayne or Menda, though today’s typical average is about 231 , with first-place prize money of $4,236 .

Now that we’ve loosened our corset, we can’t miss the Reds’ second-best finish in the tournament, even if it wasn’t a win in this case.

Oihan Abárzuza made the final table of the Pokerstars Daily Main Tournament, bounty generator HR $530. He finished fourth, but had the second-best bounty harvest, $7,842 .

Monday snacking at .com, on Amadi's invitation

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  • This text discusses the changing landscape of MTT tournaments, with top buy-in events losing their appeal and lower buy-in tournaments becoming more popular. It also highlights the successes of specific players in various tournaments on platforms like Winamax, GGPoker, and PokerStars, emphasizing their winnings and performance.

  • The text discusses the changing landscape of MTT tournaments, highlighting the increase in social buy-in tournaments while losing their appeal. It also mentions specific players and their performances in various tournaments, reflecting the shift in the professional poker scene with a wider range of tournaments available.

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