Matt Berkey and Nik Airball’s match moves to High Stakes Poker

Matt Berkey and Nik Airball's match moves to High...

The pink chronicles of American poker have two heroines: Matt Berkey and Nik Airball .

Matt Berkey is a high-stakes player who regularly plays high-stakes games and runs a poker school, while Nik Airball is a businessman, recreational player, notably notorious through his appearance in streaming games on Hustler Casino Live And won the favor of the public.

The two got into an argument because of Nik Airball’s particular opinion of poker coaches , especially Berkey. The argument was more or less civil until Nik Airball revealed in an interview with Doug Polk that they were preparing a heads-up to resolve their differences.

The way Polk and Airball cheered on the issue really pissed off Berkey, and to this day we can talk about open conflicts taken to unusual extremes, like the duel at the Bellagio.

When you asked Phil Galfon what was he doing when he tweeted this? Well, it turns out that the troubled heads-up between these two gentlemen can no longer be played in an amicable manner, and faced with multiple attempts to benefit or inconvenience the opponent , Phil decides to go to arbitration , where he The American gaming community is a respected figure.

The tournament was as chaotic as the poker “Sálvame” enthusiastic audience might have expected, with controversy surrounding the need for end-to-end breaks during the tournament or delays due to illness earlier in the weekend.

There have been two rounds so far, first giving Berkey a small advantage and then netting Nik $90,000 , and despite a buy-in of $100,000 and three quarters of the tournament remaining, it’s clear everything is It’s not over yet.

Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the situation, PokerGO has scheduled one of the tournaments to coincide with the announcement of the kickoff schedule for Season 11 of High Stakes Poker .

Available for free on the production company’s Youtube channel on April 27, the game features three cornerstones of the show, Matt Berkey, Nick Elbow and Doug Polk , and high stakes Other characters in the world – Rob Yong or Eric Persson – and stars of other classic televised poker seasons – Jennifer Tilly or Bill Klein – .

We’ll see a new take on the televised classic poker game, which is conspicuously missing the tournament superstars that were once the heart of the show.

Matt Berkey and Nik Airball's match moves to High...


  • This text discusses an argument and subsequent heads-up game between two prominent figures in American poker, Matt Berkey and Nik Airball. The conflict and tournament have generated controversy and attention within the gaming community, as evidenced by Phil Galfon’s involvement and PokerGO’s scheduling of a televised game referencing High Stakes Poker.

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