Latin Armada Takes Lead in Record-Breaking WSOP Main Event

Latin Armada Takes Lead in Record-Breaking WSOP Ma...

Most popular. The WSOP Main Event made history by breaking the previous record of 8,773 players registered in 2006. Also, it is not yet clear how many registrations there will be, as two more registration levels will be held on Days 2ABC and 2D this Friday and Saturday to see the final number of participants for this great tournament, estimated at around 9,337 people. What is certain is that the Latino will continue to play.

Carlos Leiva was the 5th best player out of 3,202 qualified players at the end of Day 1D

The Legion led by Carlos Leiva finished fifth with a brutal chip stack of 318,700. After a day of 1D, the Legion won more fighters in the next round, with entry over 4,100 3,202 qualifiers.

Also very tall are Christian Roberts (267,700 in chips) and Emanuel Fernandez , won at the Wynn and now Already amassed 221,600 in chips, which should give him a very loose and fairly confident fight. Something similar happened to Emmanuel Lopez, who scored 204,000 points and is another person to break the 200,000-point mark.

Survivors of the big day at the WSOP Main Event include Facundo Gallo, ACR Poker Streamer, Marco Gilbert , Fernando Sampietro and Jesus Bertoli and his brother Tullio stood out.

Additionally, Laura Sintra , actor and host Santiago Gonzalez, newcomer Mauricio Aruanno Parodi, The great Alejandro Papo MC Lococo and Hugo Nazar were among the players who received tickets for Day 2D, which will take place Saturday at Las Vegas at 12 noon Garth held.

The big chip leader of the day was Nicholas Rigby who was the only one to break the 400,000 mark with 408,800 in chips, followed by Brittney Stout with 375,500 in chips ) and Neel Murthy (323,100 in chips).

Day 2ABC of the WSOP Main Event will take place this Friday with registration open for the first two levels. Beginning at 12 noon local time, Horseshoe & Paris in Las Vegas will continue in a contest whose cap is still unclear. Today’s event starts with level 6, with 400-800 blinds and 800 antes increasing every 60 minutes, and the event will continue for another five levels

Latin Armada Takes Lead in Record-Breaking WSOP Ma...

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  • This text is providing an update on the WSOP Main Event, highlighting the breaking of previous player registration records and mentioning notable players’ performances. It also provides information about upcoming registration levels and details about the tournament structure.

  • This text provides an update on the WSOP Main Event, stating that it has broken the previous registration record and will continue with two more registration levels to determine the final number of participants. It also highlights notable players and their chip stacks, as well as mentioning the upcoming Day 2ABC.

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