KSOP: Celso Sirtoli is the new daily single reentry

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Celso Sirtoli Wins Second St...

If Carlos Serrano won a very rare third title of the same stage in the early hours of Tuesday, another Brazilian name has also become the multi-time winner of this session. Regular Celso Sirtoli climbed the list with a single-day re-entry title, Monday’s final match that also ended in the early hours.

The South Caxias player is one of the biggest tournaments in the country and is highly respected as a live poker player. It’s the same game he won three days ago. This time, the player defeated 80 players in the R$1,000 tournament and won another R$17,500.

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Although Celso has Multiple titles, but this is the first time Celso has won both titles in a single event. He celebrated his success: “It’s the first time in a series that I’ve won twice, first place twice. I’ve won two trophies in other races, but it’s the first time. It’s a great feeling,” he said happily.

Celso Sirtoli is delighted to have another title and has already said he wants more. There are only two players with 3 victories in any one KSOP tournament. The first was Marcos Ávila aka Branco in 2019. Carlos Serrano repeated the feat yesterday, and Sirtoli hopes to be next: “I’ll try to get the third one.” Four days to go and that’s enough. “Who knows,” he said.

With the gaucho regular’s recent victory, Sirtoli was left with a huge final table. Although it was the last game of the day, But there are still a few big names who made it to the final. To give you an idea: Pedro Todoriv, ​​JP Burity and Saulo Sabioni. They were all knocked out before HU, who was against Wilhelmchaven Wilhem.

Wilhem dominated the final table and dominated the tiebreaker early on. He looked level at the waves as Celso “took off his wings.” Despite trailing five-to-one, the Rio Grande do Sul man didn’t give up , seeking a comeback and an unprecedented second title.

“I went into the final table with a lot of chips, but then this kid took the lead and knocked the table out,” he recalls. Then we came to HU with a score of five to one. ’” the champion recalled. Then came the joke of his opponent watching the interview. “At the time he made me too easy, so I flipped easily,” he joked, enjoying another championship.

See final table prizes:

.1. – Celso Sirtoli – 17,500 reaisSecond place – Wilhelmchaven Wilhem – R$12,1003rd place – Thomas Molina – R$ 8,5504th place – Facundo Triguero – R$6,400Fifth place – Saulo Sabioni – R$4,9006th place – João Pedro Burity – R$3,8507. – Matthews Abreu – R$3,0008th place – Pedro Todorovic – R$2,4009th Place – Lucas Ahmad – R$ 2,100

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Celso Sirtoli Wins Second St...


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    This text reports on the achievements of Brazilian poker players Carlos Serrano and Celso Sirtoli in a tournament. Sirtoli won his second title in a single event and expressed his desire to achieve a third victory, joining an elite group of players.

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