High Stakes Duel: Jason Kuhn Defeats Phil Hellmuth

High Stakes Duel: Jason Kuhn Defeats Phil Hellmuth

The morning of December 8th, 2022 is a happy day for all fans of American poker pro Jason Koon and those who can’t stand Phil Helmuth. The High Stakes Duel show’s face-to-face interaction with HU table players ended with a victory for the GGPoker ambassador.

Youth Team Wins

It’s been more than half a year since Scott Seaver “resigned” to head-to-head after losing only one heads-up match. All along, the organizers were looking for Phil Helmut, a noteworthy opponent among the famous American poker players who could take on Tom Dwan’s “Wizard” of poker who lost only one event.

The winner of the fifth round of High Stakes Showdown Season 3 is 38-year-old Jason Kuhn, a high roller with more than $41 million in live tournament winnings over a year Has been dealing with security issues at GGNetwork, busy with liquidation.

Helmut played aggressively in this match, but won only a few small pots early on. Later, this strategy did not bring much success to “PokerBrat”: every time he decided to bluff, his opponent had a good hand.

This kind of play can only affect Phil’s emotional state, and even more often, he stood up from the table and said, “Come on, what the hell?” When Helmut lost to AK-Q8, his last stack was gone less than 4 hours into the game.

*Record the first hour of gameplay. Watching the full game requires a paid PokerGO subscription, ranging in price from $8.33 to $15.99.

Player Reactions

Winner limited his social media pages to: Reposting news from PokerGO News (show organizers) and said in an interview at the studio:

” I’ve got great hands. Even the guys I’m bluffing have improved. So pretty much anyone in my position wins in those days.”

Helmus via push down The text expresses his feelings about the outcome of the fight and attaches a photo of the final hand:

“Big hat out to Jason, he had a great game, congratulations on the win, you were a Great player, a great player, everyone knows that and I enjoyed the first 11 HSD games and ended up going 9-2 in my victory.”

Math of the Poker Show

before Two seasons of high-stakes matchups have been very successful for Phil, with a 3-0 win over Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu and Daniel Negreanu for two championship belts and $700,000. However, in the third round, his opponents began to change frequently. Due to various reasons, Helmut eventually lost two rounds out of five.

The sixth round will be held in 2023 with a prize pool of $3,200,000, and BI’s prize pool will be doubled round after round starting at $50,000.

From the second match of the season, only the losing side or new players pay bonuses. After two consecutive victories, you can collect Kush if the opponent doesn’t play another game, or after the third win, you can collect Kush at 100%.

Kuhn’s future opponent must pay more than one million and a half dollars. If Jason wins again, HSD season 3 could be over. But who wants to spend that much money?

What happens next?

Of course, there’s a 99% chance we’ll see the same pair at the table again in the new year. Helmut will likely want a rematch.

That didn’t stop PokerGO commentators Ali Nejad and Nick Shulman from discussing Kuhn’s potential opponents. They figured that if Phil declined, either Victor Malinowski or Dan Smith could take his place.

However, such predictions never materialized. Most likely, we won’t know the name of Jason Koon’s new opponent until the end of winter.

High Stakes Duel: Jason Kuhn Defeats Phil Hellmuth


  • This text discusses the victory of Jason Koon over Phil Helmuth in the High Stakes Duel poker match. It highlights Koon’s success and Helmuth’s aggressive play, resulting in his loss. The text also mentions the possibility of a rematch between the two players or the introduction of new opponents for Koon.

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