Henrique Lessa finishes SCOOP Event 106-H in fourth place

Henrique Lessa finishes SCOOP Event 106-H in fourt...

The most crucial period of the year got off to a great start for the nation’s grinders on Monday. Henrique Lessa left Event 106-H: $530 NL on Day 23 of the SCOOP Hold’em (Sunday Kickoff), which came in fourth. The owner of account “554477” earned $26,424 in total.

Henrique got the FT off to a great start. Going all-in with A, he made a min-raise before folding to Anatoly “nl_profit” Filatov’s 3-bet push, who was holding AK and more chips. The Brazuca’s triumph was assured by the 49QA6 margin, and he quadrupled his chips. 

A few moments later, Filatov won again with another pair of aces. Despite dominating with a 10/10, the Russian lost in position nine after failing to discover his 9K26.

Guilherme “Guizoo” do Carmo was the next person to lose all of his chips. He displayed 10/10 versus Q/10 from “bezfrke” in his parting speech. The Croatian won thanks to the 4-4-K-3-2 advantage, and Guilherme added $6,822 to his bank account.

Up until the 5-handed, when shorts often evaded the drop, the action in the decider was frenzied. Henrique, who was alone at the top, had a chance to eliminate Ricardo “DontMessWithM11” Caridade, but the Portuguese player doubled up his chips by holding J against A.

Ricardo and Henrique were both eliminated one after the other because they were unable to match the speed of their rivals. Henrique made an open push with just 7 bbs and was labeled “absinttivaa” by CL. He gained outs on the flop with 10/8 versus Q/Q, but the Finn benefited from the turn and river (5 and K).

Henrique Lessa finishes SCOOP Event 106-H in fourt...

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