Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade

Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade

Color Up:In poker tournaments, it is common for organizations to perform periodic “color ups” of tournament chips. This means that as blinds progress, lower value, redundant and unusable chips are removed from circulation and replaced with new values.

These suit increases occur under certain circumstances where a chip can be completely replaced by another chip of higher value: if the bet at the new blind level is 1,000 points, then 100 chips are not The minimum chip is again 1,000 chips. To do this, the organization uses breaks to collect large amounts of small chips and exchange them for smaller amounts of higher-value chips (e.g., 50 of 100 for one of 5,000).

This is known as the appearance of painting new color chips on the table, as mentioned above, these chips represent new and higher values, thus avoiding the unpleasantness of low denomination chips of excess.

Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade


  • Genevieve.bosco

    This text provides an explanation of the “color up” process in poker tournaments, where lower value chips are removed and replaced with higher value chips as the blinds progress. It highlights how this helps to avoid the inconvenience of excess low denomination chips and introduces new and higher value chips to the game.

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