GGPoker World Festival Championship – PokerOK $200,000,000 Guaranteed

GGPoker World Poker Festival $200,000,000 GTD Poke...

GG Network has once again decided to show itself as the undisputed leader in online poker and has announced a tournament festival under the new brand GGPoker World Festival, which will be the largest event in the history of the poker world and guarantees that the 200 million industry will It’s dollars.

GGPoker World Festival $200,000,000 GTD in Poker

Series featuring

the most illustrative of any poker An important area of ​​activity for the site is the tournament series. Their range speaks volumes about the room’s popularity among players.

During the epidemic, TOP broke through the nine-figure protection threshold for the first time. In 2022, GG Network set a GTD record of $150 million in the GG Online Championship, and decided to raise the bar this year.

From April 30 to June 6, 2023, PokerOK will host the largest tournament series in online poker history, the $200 million guaranteed GGPoker World Festival.

A total of nearly 950 tournaments were announced on the schedule, with organizers highlighting 15 multi-day events:

  1. Buying amounts range from $2.50 to $25,500.
  2. At least half of all one-day events have $100,000 or more in guarantees.
  3. Daytime competitions start from 14:00 to 16:30 Moscow time and run until midnight. Sunday hours are longer until 2-3am.
  4. Each activity with the same name and form contains four activities with different costs.

Major event satellite grids are available, especially for large tournaments.

The full GGPoker World Music Festival schedule is available at the link.


They have four leaderboards with different limits for the most active players, $100,000 each:

  • $2.5+ as low
  • Medium $25+
  • High $150+
  • Super $1,000+

You can track your position on the leaderboard on the room website .

The points will be credited accordingly and the following formula applies:

Best ranking points = log (prize pool) / square meter (relative ranking), relative ranking = final ranking / Participation numbers

That is, it doesn’t matter which game a player has more success with within each ranking. The main thing is how massive they are and where they end up.

GGPoker World Poker Festival $200,000,000 GTD Poke...

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