Fabiano Kovalski is GGWF – Online Poker Magazine Event 158-H Champion

Fabiano Kovalski is the GGWF Event 158-H Champion

On day 25 of the GGPoker World Awards, the Brazilian has mastered four events in a short period of time. After finishing FT in the Mega Millions, Fabiano Kovalski took the title in Event 158-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR [6-Max]. After defeating 1,174 opponents, the “Philbort” account driver had $63,691 in funds.

El@n Musk, on the other hand, withdrew from Event 158-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller Heads-Up. He won a total of $55,747.

Shortly thereafter, Gabriel Medeiros won another title at the GGWF. First bust out of 166 in Event 160-S: $1,050 Wednesday Wiggle [Bounty 4-Max] for $45,122.

In Event 158-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Daily Main [6 -Max] ] “poneimaldito” left 6241 players. He won $34,764 in prize money.

Alex “Napoleon Hill” Gelinksi also won at the GGWF. He raised $24,967 by beating 490 opponents in Event 157-H: $320 Wednesday Heat [Deep Stacks].

Fabiano Kovalski is the GGWF Event 158-H Champion

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