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Interview: Alex Livingston talks about his experience at KSOP SA

Alex Livingston praises KSOP GGPoker South America...

Alex Livingston, bracelet holder and third place finisher in the 2019 WSOP Main Event, is another foreign player to join KSOP GGPoker South America. The Canadian is very dedicated to the sport and has competed in dozens of games in the sport. He gave an interview to Mundo Poker to explain his decision to come to Brazil.

“I was talking to Felipe over dinner with David Baker, Mark Gregorich and other mixed gamers and he mentioned this event. I love traveling there.” Play poker. Since I was visiting new places and experiencing new cultures while completing this massive event that cost R$100,000, I decided to come here and see what it would be like,” he revealed.

Arrived at the huge Riocentro’s KSOP GGPoker South America surprised experienced and well-traveled professionals with its 22,000 square meters of lobby space. “This event is very cool. It’s unlike any other poker room I’ve ever seen. It’s like a large esports arena or convention center. It’s cool and works really well,” Alex said.

One comment from a Canadian in the conversation mentioned Brazilian food. Livingston plays a lot of cash games, and the hotel has an indoor lounge Free meals were offered. He visited several local restaurants, but the one that caught his eye was the famous Sushi Leblon in Rio de Janeiro’s trendiest neighborhood.

“The food was very good. I only ate in the VIP lounge here, but I’ve had local food a few times and it tasted good. Interestingly, one of the best meals I had on this trip was at a Japanese restaurant. Sushi leblon. It was so good I had “the best dessert of my life” there.

Alex Livingston won a WSOP bracelet last year

Passionate Brazil The ethnic characteristics of ancestry and openness attracted the attention of Canadians. He lamented that many Brazilians couldn’t communicate in English but made comments about the country’s players.

“Honestly, the players are very nice and lively. I really like the atmosphere here.” It seems that people really enjoy playing poker and they express their feelings in a friendly way . Instead of rubbing people’s joy on their faces, they show that they are happy. Everyone shakes hands as they are eliminated.

Livingston, who is used to playing in the United States, was asked if he thought any difference in performance occurred between recreational players in Brazil and the countries that host the WSOP every year. “I’m not sure.” I think they are different styles. Players here are more willing to fight for the pot. But there are all categories of players here. “Just like in the United States, there are weaker players, there are really good players, and there are some average players,” he said.

Alex at the KSOP during the Mundo Poker broadcast Playing against Léo Rizzo on the GGPoker South American TV table, it ended in a draw without even getting an all-in preflop with AK over the São Paulo player’s A6. He talks about Rizzo’s performance at the start of the R$100,000 Super High Roller and what it’s like to play with the energetic casual player.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see his “Phil Hellmuth entry” because I signed up late, but I loved playing against him. When he won the bottom with “Pow, Pow, Pow” He was a lot of fun when it came to the pool. “Obviously he played a lot of hands and when you play big buy-in it’s great to have a guy with that style at the table, but he was a lot of fun. ”

Speaking of Brazilian pro players, Livingston noted that Yuri Martins and Mojave are friends and mentioned that during his weeks at the GGPoker KSOP in Rio de Janeiro Another national star caught his attention.

“Yuri is my friend, but he is not here. The Mojave is a friend of mine too. There were a lot of good players here, I don’t know all the names, but now I remember Felipe Bojanowski. He’s a great player. I’d like to remember more names, but poker is really growing in Brazil. After a lot of hard work and coaching, there is now a solid base of top players. “

In the end, the star said he would very much like to come back next year, praising the organization of the event but making one request.

“In most respects, everything was fine very good. I hope they do at least one more big buy-in event next year. More R$25,000 and R$50,000 tournaments would be great. The organization is great and it’s nice that the hotel is right next to the lobby. “The dealer was great, I have nothing to complain about,” he concluded.

Alex Livingston praises KSOP GGPoker South America...

Bruna Araújo Wins PokerStars Carnival Series Event #21-M

Bruna Araújo wins Carnival Series Event #21-M and...

PokerStars’ Wednesday grind saw Brazilian players win a huge amount of cash, continuing the Carnival Series’ strong run of results across prize pools.

Bruna Araújo “bruna_bsb” was responsible for the day’s top score in Favor. The player from Brasilia won Event #21-M (NLHE $55) out of 1,961 entries and earned $14,999, while at the final table Gustavo Goto “PIUlimeira” Place fifth and win $3,872.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR tournament, the green and yellow teams have dominated in recent weeks, with the final table completely Dominated by Brazil. Kyves Belotte won the day’s top prize of $13,595 using the account “GuiTuoBei”, Fernando Oliveira “DarkSkies1” took silver $7,945, João Mathias “joaoMathias” took bronze $5,380 and Douglas Ferreira “Dowgh” -Santos” earned $4,281 for his fourth-place bronze medal finish.

“guigafs in Event 24H event ($1,050 NLHE), he finished third out of 84 competitors and earned a bronze medal of $11,638. In the same event, “sanchespibi” finished seventh for $3,812.

Eduardo “sl0tt” Cavalcante still has time to claim Silver #24-M (NLHE $109) in the event and receive a $11,329 bonus for his performance.

Event Player Place Price

Carnival Series #22-M (33 US$NLHE) “mauricioffc” 1. US$10,999 $27 Daily Knockout “Psyclows” 1. US$5,754 $22 Mini Battle Royale Rafael Nunes “RFNunesT” 1. US$5,418 $530 Daily Cooldown “NANDO EIRE” 1. US$5,166 $22 Mini Battle RoyaleAndrei Matos “andmatos97” 2. US$4,301 $55 Daily Supersonic Pedro Fernandes “phcrf” $1. $4,266 Bounty Generator$44 Jonathan Rosa “JonzStars” $1. $4,143 Big $109 “PedroNevez” $1. $3,508 Carnival Series #22 -H ($320 NLHE) “billionaaire” 4th place US$3,500 Big 109 US$ Carlos Augusto “gutAoAllin” 2nd place US$3,076

Bruna Araújo wins Carnival Series Event #21-M and...

“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

In yesterday’s 1M Supremo, a total of 2,196 players paid a buy-in of R$390. “TenhoMuito$” delivers a winner’s cry after a marathon on the world’s largest felt. He won R$ 86,766 from a prize pool of R$ 1,039,311.

Meanwhile, “neymarmito” won the Omax SHR for R$ 2,000. After sending 49 players home, he topped up his balance with R$44,955.

View more results:

Supreminho 55 R$ (2,175 entrants)

Winner: “Stricnina ” R$ 17,432

R$ 800 Omax HR (80 entries)

Winner: “Cap. Presença” R 16,878 $

R$ 150 Battle HR (786 entries)

Winner: “Nibiru” R$ 12,601

“TenhoMuito$” beats 1M Supremo and wins R$86,000

Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade

Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade

Color Up:In poker tournaments, it is common for organizations to perform periodic “color ups” of tournament chips. This means that as blinds progress, lower value, redundant and unusable chips are removed from circulation and replaced with new values.

These suit increases occur under certain circumstances where a chip can be completely replaced by another chip of higher value: if the bet at the new blind level is 1,000 points, then 100 chips are not The minimum chip is again 1,000 chips. To do this, the organization uses breaks to collect large amounts of small chips and exchange them for smaller amounts of higher-value chips (e.g., 50 of 100 for one of 5,000).

This is known as the appearance of painting new color chips on the table, as mentioned above, these chips represent new and higher values, thus avoiding the unpleasantness of low denomination chips of excess.

Glossary: ​​Color Upgrade

Vitor Moreira wins PokerStars New Year Series #64-H event

Vitor Moreira Wins PokerStars New Year Series Even...

The PokerStars New Year Series continues to deliver great results for the platform’s Brazilian players, who cashed in at all buy-in levels and started 2024 with some big wins.

On Wednesday, Vitor Moreira, nicknamed Vitor Moreira, “Vito Brazil” came to the fore. The pro defeated 314 players to capture the New Year’s Series Event #64-H title, earning $17,802 in the $320 buy-in tournament.

Murilo Gusmão, nicknamed “gusmao11”, also had a memorable Wednesday, winning the New Year Series Championship. Event #64-M was won with a $33 buy-in and 3,933 entries. This title earned him an impressive prize money of $16,865.

Jonathan Guedes also stood out on the podium – with a double-digit bonus. The owner of the nickname “johnyguedes1” had two outstanding results on the same day: the first was the New Year’s Series 68 with a $55 buy-in and 1,558 players; The entry fee is $55 and the number of participants is 1,558. He also placed second in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR contest with 2,487 entries. Adding the two bonuses together, Jonathan made a handsome profit of $16,630.

See more results on PokerStars :

Event Player Place Prizes

New Year Series #64 -M ($33 NLHE 8- Max) “juninnr8” 3. US$8,568 New Year Series #58- L ($11 NLHE 8-Max) “kaique255” 4. US$8,548 $109 Daily Cool Tauan Naves “kylix42” 1. US$7,607 New Year Series #64-H ($320 NLHE 8-Max) Rodrigo Leandro “lelecosfc7” 4. US$7,289 $55 Daily Sonics Carlos Levis “Carlos Levis” 1. US$5,782 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Late Stage “msilveira11” 1st US$5,388 New Year’s Series #64-M ($33 NLHE 8-Max) Felipe Hoffmann “hoffmaann” 5th place US$4,353 $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Guilherme Biazutti “Biazutti” 4th place US$4,180 New Year’s Series #67-M ($33 NLHE 6-Max) Hugo Marcelo “EverFla” 4th place US$4,137 $55 Daily Supersonic Daniel Bertoldi “DaniBoti” 2nd Annual $4,028 New Year’s Series #64-H ($320 NLHE 8-Max) Eike Onodera “Mr.” Havener” 6. US$ 4,019 $109 Fenomeno Lúcio Lima “WizardOffAz” 3. US$ 4,013 Gold Generator $55 “gabiruhdias”. 1. US$ 3,918 $55 Mini Bounty Generator HR “ArlesG” 4. US$ 3,905 New Year Series #58-H ($1,050 NLHE 8-Max) Denis de Matos “tiodenis” 12. US $3,808 $320 Daily Sonics “Jonie181” 2. US$3,527 New Year’s Series #65-H ($215 NLHE 5-Max) Marcelo Aziz “marceloaziz” 7. US $3,357 New Year’s Series #58-H ($1,050 NLHE 8-Max) Pedro Gusma “gusmaa” 15. US$3,217 $11 Mini Daily Cooldown “pedrot44” 1. US$3,1051

Vitor Moreira Wins PokerStars New Year Series Even...

WPT World Championship 2023: Vercio y Gablenja Al Dia 3

WPT World Championship 2023: Bubble bursts on day...

Approximately 1,735 players returned to the Wynn Casino lobby in Las Vegas for day two of the 2023 WPT World Championship in a bid to crack the top 480 money spots. The price bubble burst when Tyler Hirschfeld’s A-A was punctured by Maryline Valente’s J-J , who flopped a full house showing J-4 – 4 .The remaining 480 players have made money on Day 3.

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This is what the top 10 players looked like on Day 2:

  1. Alessandro Siena: 3 million.
  2. Matthaeus Carrion: 2.6 million.
  3. David Levy: 2.6 million.
  4. Julien Martini: 2.6 million
  5. Jacob Ferro: 2.6 million
  6. Ade Olonoh: 2.5 million
  7. Raphael Blouet: 2.4 million.
  8. Michael Gathy: 2.4 million.
  9. Aditya Sadhu: 2.3 million.
  10. Julio “Bartolo” Belluscio: 2.3 million

Matias Gabrenja

Same Candidates: Igor Kurganov (2.3 million), three-time bracelet Winners: Chance Kornuth (2.2 million), 2019 WSOP Main Event winner Hossein Ensan (2.2 million), Andres Campero from Mexico (2.1 million), vlogger Masato Yokosawa (210 million), Kristen Foxen (1.9 million), Josue Aguirre (from Mexico) (1.7 million), Chris Moorman (1.5 million), Brazil’sJoao Simao (1.5 million), 1996 WSOP Main Event ChampionHuck Seed(1.4 million),Thomas Muehloecker(1.4 million), WPT and WSOP champion Alex Foxen (1.3 million), Anton Wigg (1.3 million), Michael Rossitto (1.2 million), 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Cada (1.1 million), Olga Iermolcheva (1 million), Jack Salter (1 million), Andrew Lichtenberg (1 million), Chris Hunichin (990,000), Byron Kafferman (970,000), (830,000),

You can view the full chip count at this link. Guaranteed prize money for all is $18,700, with the winner taking home a million-dollar $5,678,000.

WPT World Championship 2023: Bubble bursts on day...

Bustillo Almost Famous in 2-Day High Roller Event

Bustillo Almost Famous in 2-Day High Roller Event

Almost close. Really close. Leandro Bustillo was on his way to victory, but he met Paulo Joanello, who, despite having a huge lead from the start, ended up ruining the Argentinian’s plans.

Joanello becomes one of the last high rollers in the 2023 BSOP Millions.

4- He sealed the deal with future champions Leonel Guera Garza and Luan Coelho, the Argentinian was far ahead of Joanello, especially when he When the other two were eliminated in one fell swoop. Despite trailing 6,350,000 to 1,750,000, Bustillo was unable to get around his opponent and lost the lead he had built up after a few hands.

After taking the lead, the locals did their best to prevent Albiceleste from regaining the title and were the ones to cheer in this game. Therefore, in the end he received the 237,736 reals awaiting the champion, while Bustillo received the same 161,145 reals as Guerra Garza and Coelho.

In addition to the protagonists of this deal, Leandro also competed with FT and Hermógenes Gelonezi Jr. Alex Gelinski, Hugo Marcelo, Julian Pineda and Bernardo Dias. Additionally, Alexandre Arantes is another player who received a paid seat.

Tournament: Event #87 2-Day High Roller

Buy-in: R$15,000

Number of Entries: 81Prize pool: R$1,000,000

Final ranking: Position Player National Sponsor Award 1st place Paulo Joanello – $232736* 2nd place Leandro Bustillo – $161145* 3rd place Leonel Guerra Garza – $161145* 4th place Luan Pereira Coelho – $161145* 5th place Hermogenes Gelonezi Junior – $80,000 Sixth place Alex Gelinski – $62,500 Seventh place Hugo Marcelo Torres and Silva – $49,500 8. Julian Pineda – $38,500 9. Bernardo Dias – $29,200 10. Alexandre Arantes De Assis Couto – $25,600

Bustillo Almost Famous in 2-Day High Roller Event

On the same day, a mother and her son won two events.

On the same day, a mother and her son won two even...

On the same day, a mother and son won two events.

A happy family is a close family. These strange events are happening all over the United States.

This month, several players won the third annual Wynn Millions in Las Vegas. Main Event winner Michael Rossitto earned $604,637. But a mother and son win a nearly identical battle, adding a fascinating footnote to the show. Son

In 2019, Brett Reichard and his son Josh Reichard repeated their 2018 WSOP-C performance.

Last week, Nikhil Gera won $131,665 in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em $500,000 GTD buy-in event while his mother, Manju Gera, was at the Gardens in Los Angeles. Win Casino’s Mixed Game Mystery Bounty event brought in $52,000 and attracted more than 300 players.

A father and son both won the World Series of Poker in the same event.

Nikhil Gera commented on the game: “When there were only 13 of us left and we were still texting each other, I had already received $12,000. It looks like today will be a good day for her One day.”

Nikhil is a professional psychiatrist enjoying a short break from his busy schedule in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Angies is going to find time to play poker. “Throughout the process of our fundraising, my mother kept me updated via text messages. This meant I could focus on my game and not be distracted by it. Admittedly, she had never tried No Limit Hold’em . She competes regularly in mixed events. So I was surprised when she won one of the big NLHE events. Of course I’m really happy for them.”

Is there any exchange of poker expertise between them? Nikhil has trained Manju before and now he is helping her learn mixed game strategies. He also said he could learn a lot from her about mixed game strategies because “we talk about poker a lot.”

Manju Gera’s Live Earnings $153,400 Prior to his current success, Nikhil Gera was a two-time World Poker Tour ring winner, having earned $1.9 million in live earnings since his first win at Hendon Mob Records in 2006.

On the same day, a mother and her son won two even...

Rodrigo Cañas wins six-figure jackpot in Barcelona

Rodrigo Cañas wins six-figure jackpot in Barcelona

Colombia Rodrigo Cañas Orozcobecame the fourth Latin American player to win an event at the EPT Barcelona 2023 Festival.

That was in Event #47 No Limit Competition where Freezeout had 577 entries worth €1,100 and distributed €553,920 ($602,545) in prizes to the top 87 entrants. These include Yi Lin from Argentina (€50 – 2,200) and Richard Dubini (€34 – 2,550), Fernando Campo from Mexico (€32 – 2,550) and >From Costa Rica>Ivonne Oviedo(10 – 8,400 €).

Rodrigo Cañasdefeated the famous Brazilian pro Raphael Moraes in a heads-up and won The Shovel Trophy and the biggest prize of his career: €104,070 ($113,206). It was his second cash win in Barcelona, ​​having also finished 12th in the #36 Hyper Turbo 1K event for €5,300 ($5,745). In August, he finished eighth at the Jackies Poker Tour event in Panama, earning $16,000.

More Barcelona 2023 Championship news:

  • Matias Tagliani and Federico Roberto top the CEP Main Event
  • Matías Scaffo, Alan Ferraro and Matías Tagliani are finalists in CEP High Roller Event
  • Ezequiel Waigel strong>ITM in EPT Event #3
  • Mathías Duarte Event #5 Champion EPT
  • Alejandro López Ikwat won the EPT Event #7
  • Fabián Ortiz and Andrés Korn EPT Event #10 Finalist
  • Nacho Barbero Fourth place in EPT 25K High Roller
  • Jeremías Mendoza
  • Alan Ferraro are in the ESPT Main Event The best Argentinian player
  • Giuseppe Calio.
  • Matias Chervinis the best Latino at EPT Second Chance
  • ITM Latinos at EPT Main Event Day 3
  • EPT Mystery Bounty Latin America Cash on Day 3 of the EPT Main Event
  • Roberto SagraSecond place in EPT Event #40
  • EPT Barcelona 2023 Schedule

Rodrigo Cañas wins six-figure jackpot in Barcelona

Monday snacking at the .coms, Amadi invites

Monday snacking at .com, on Amadi's invitation

The MTT landscape is changing. Top buy-in tournaments have become social but lost their luster, and events like the Winamax series €2 GIANT had more than 130,000 entries on the closed market.

For example, the level of regulars used to be hit by Big $109, and to play a $500 or $1,000 tournament, you’d have to wait for a holiday or a very special occasion like Super Tuesday or Thrill Thursday. Professionals can now choose from a variety of tournaments ranging from $250 to $1,050 per day. They are no longer the exception but the norm, and their prices have met the same fate.

That’s why today, by old standards, there are serious doubts about the newsworthiness of a day, as we were able to record four important results, three victories in favor of the Reds . However, if Adrian Mateos hadn’t posted a big/small bounty in his tournament, no one would have reached the minimum bounty according to the unwritten rule of “five numbers on the front page”.

The classic opening of the conference story must lead us to GGPoker , where Presi qualified for the $11,665 USD Qualifier and became the winner of the $444 USD Bounty Forty HR .

These numbers reflect the participation of 168 players who quickly eliminated the threat of the stack and took home $69,518 in prize money. The Spaniard missed out on some of his usual opponents in the pricier tournaments, but the final had an elite poker vibe, with classics like Joseph Cheong finishing third and the Brazilian playing a typical heads-up.

Adrian’s minimum odds gave him the opportunity to comment on how Juan Carlos Vecino won $525 in HR After Hours , the usual finale of GGPoker’s High Roller event, which begins late morning in Spain.

At this point, 57 players are still active, and Juanki (No. 1 with a $7,117 contract) has mostly dealt with Asian and American players, although No. 5 ” Relojero “($2,600) is also a latecomer.

To find the third winner of the night, we went to PokerStars . We mentioned Big $109 earlier because we knew it would be in the chronicles due to PataNegraXD’s stellar performance in the tournament.

Guille follows in the footsteps of Amatos, Jonwayne or Menda, though today’s typical average is about 231 , with first-place prize money of $4,236 .

Now that we’ve loosened our corset, we can’t miss the Reds’ second-best finish in the tournament, even if it wasn’t a win in this case.

Oihan Abárzuza made the final table of the Pokerstars Daily Main Tournament, bounty generator HR $530. He finished fourth, but had the second-best bounty harvest, $7,842 .

Monday snacking at .com, on Amadi's invitation

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