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The percentage of women in live poker tournaments is very small, the World Series of Poker Main Event being one example. Last year’s event had 8,569 players and only 350 of them were women, just 4 percent of the field.

Only one woman has reached the final table of the Main Event, the 1995 Barbara Enright WSOP, where she finished fifth with $114,180. The poker world needs more women, and Amanda Botfeld‘s The Girl’s Guide to Poker can help make it happen.

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— Amanda Botfeld (@amandabotfeld) December 25, 2019

The book was published by D&B Poker Publishing late last year, and the author has published articles in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times. Her goal was to create a simple yet fun, feminine-looking guide for those just taking their first steps in poker.

She starts with the basics to explain the rules of the game, then turns to tips on playing different types of cards and supports the theory with examples. She also writes about value betting, bluffing, player types, hand ranges, events, online poker and tournaments, and more.

She said that her strength is not in mathematics, and she did not provide too many calculations or formulas so as not to make beginners dizzy. But she does talk about specific numbers to know, such as what percentage of certain hands connect and what percentage of other hands win.

One of the most valuable tips Amanda gave was to bet when telling a believable story it will show you strength and give you a better chance of winning the hand, no matter How is your hand. Another piece of advice I really like is to always be clear about the purpose of your actions. If we don’t know what we want to achieve through our actions, we won’t make good decisions.

All topics are accompanied by impressive color photographs, making the poker book easy to read for first-time readers. Another interesting point is that at the end of the chapters there is a small “quiz” with questions and answers to test newly acquired knowledge.

Finally, she dedicates several pages to advice: Las Vegas time travelers and advice for women dating poker players. The author tells her personal story of meeting her current partner at the poker table.

Conclusion: This is a very good first book for beginners and an ideal book for women who know how to play poker but won’t be encouraged . Compete in their first live tournament or online. It’s the perfect gift if you know someone like that.

Books: Review of The Girls' Guide to Poker by Aman...

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  • This text highlights the lack of female representation in live poker tournaments, with a focus on the World Series of Poker Main Event. The author promotes Amanda Botfeld’s book, “The Girls Guide to Poker,” as a resource to encourage more women to participate and excel in the world of poker.

  • This text highlights the underrepresentation of women in live poker tournaments and suggests that Amanda Botfeld’s book, “The Girls Guide to Poker,” can help bridge this gap. The book provides basic rules, tips, and advice, along with colorful photographs and quizzes, making it suitable for beginners and women looking to compete in their first tournament.

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