$10,000,000 guaranteed for microFestival series on PokerOK

$10,000,000 guaranteed for microFestival series on...

Top poker room PokerOK is currently hosting the GGPoker World Festival series with $200 million in guaranteed prize money. However, for micro-stakes players, most of these events are likely to be unfunded (with the exception of qualifier satellites).

Nonetheless, representatives of the world’s largest poker network haven’t forgotten about the micro-limit players, and after Worldfest, on June 4th, there will be a series of micro-sessions in the GG Network room, with guaranteed bonuses of $10,000,000. The previous Mini MILLION$ series attracted over 2,300 players and now GGPokerOK is set to break its own record.

There will be a number of low-cost tournaments with buy-ins as low as $25, with the cheapest Give MicroFestival tournament costing players just $1.

Major microFestival tournament

  • micro Global MILLION$ at PokerOK – worth $5 , with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. The maiden voyage will begin on June 3, with the final on June 11. You can start an unlimited number of times, but only the highest chip stack advances to the final round.
  • The Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ – Buy-in is $5.40 and pledged deposits start at $100,000. Day 1 of the Omaha Championship begins June 3rd with 2 days will start on June 11th. In this tournament, all chips from the starting chip stack will be added to the total chips on the final day.
  • Zodiac Mystery Bounty MILLION$ – ¥88, deposit ¥1,000,000, their start day will also start on June 3rd, the last day will start on the 11th, and will There are multiple mystery bounties worth ¥500,000. Similar to Omaha, the combined stacks of all starting swims advance to the final.
  • Micro Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ Value ¥21 with ¥500,000 deposit ¥, Day 1 starts on June 17, closing event on 6 25th.
  • Mystery Bounty Main Event The tournament has a buy-in of $10.80 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. The competition will start on June 24th, with the finals taking place the following day (June 25th). The largest random bounty is $50,000.

“We’ve done a good job of scheduling our microFestival series so that all poker players can take part in these events. We promise fun for everyone – for everyone Individuals.”The event will be broken down into three categories,” poker room officials said.

In addition to the main event of the series, there will be a number of attractive Most of the major tournaments this festival are expected to be easy to beat in terms of margins given the low buy-in fees. Good luck at the tables!

$10,000,000 guaranteed for microFestival series on...

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  • This text provides information on the GGPoker World Festival series hosted by PokerOK, with $200 million in guaranteed prize money. It highlights the inclusion of micro-stakes players through a series of micro-sessions with $10 million in guaranteed bonuses, offering low-cost tournaments with buy-ins as low as $1. The text also mentions various upcoming tournaments with different buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools, emphasizing the accessibility and potential profitability of these events for players.

  • This text provides information about the ongoing GGPoker World Festival series hosted by PokerOK, with a guaranteed prize money of $200 million. It highlights the focus on micro-stakes players, with a series of micro-sessions and low-cost tournaments offering guaranteed bonuses of $10 million. The organizers have scheduled the microFestival series to cater to all poker players, promising fun and attractive tournaments with easy margins to beat.

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